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Learning from Habakkuk, Part 2

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1) To provide prayer coaching insights to inspire and encourage you to keep praying in spite of external circumstances and even though present conditions seems to worsen;

2) Enhance your knowledge about your position, perspective and perception of prayer;

3) Provide wisdom and understanding to new converts struggling to develop and maintain a consistent prayer life;

In part one we know that the prophet Habakkuk poured out his complaint to God concerning the conditions in Judah…the sin, idolatry, violence and wickedness that had become the “norm” for God’s people.  His major complaint was God was doing nothing about the sin and lawlessness that was going on (so he thought).  However, God did answer in a vision and told Habakkuk His plan to use the Chaldeans (Babylonians) to chastise the nation of Judah.  In Habakkuk’s dialogue with God, a vivid descriptions of the Babylonian’s characteristics were given—bitter and impetuous (hasty), scoffers, proud, takers, dreadful and violent.  God told Habakkuk what the Babylonians would do—they would march through the breadth of the land to take possession of dwelling places that didn’t belong to them…they would take prisoners and destroy.  They would be no match for Judah nor the surrounding nations. Of course, this plan of God bothered Habakkuk even more.

Isn’t it just like us to inquire of the Lord, seek Him for directions, asking to know His plan? Then when He shares the details, or give us a mere glimpse, we don’t like it; we don’t understand it.  So it was with Habakkuk.  This made no sense. Why would a just God use such a wicked nation as Babylon to bring judgment upon wicked Judah?  Probably right here is where I should remind you of what God told the prophet Isaiah: “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways… for as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts” (Isaiah 55:8-9). God has a way of doing things that are beyond our finite comprehension.  If His ways and thoughts were equal to ours, He could not be God!  So, yes His plan to use a cruel and wicked nation to bring judgment against Judah was baffling.  It’s baffling today to see how God chooses to work in the affairs of men.  Too often, we “think” we have the answer; got it all figured out, and He has to show us our limitations without Him as the all-knowing and all-powerful God.

After He shares His plan with Habakkuk, the prophet has a list of “why’s” for a God who is the Holy One from everlasting.  Then he comes to his senses and admits he has been rash in his approach and dialogue with God.  But the lesson we can learn from Habakkuk is to get in position …stand upon your watch…get in place…be a watchman to see and hear from God.  Always be in position for dialogue with the only One who has all the answers, knows everything and is always working out His plan and purpose.  Like Habakkuk, expect God to answer, even if His answer is to reprove you.

Stay tuned for the conclusion….Part 3.


What have you been praying about , and when God answered, it was unfavorable, not what you expected or wanted to hear? How did you handle it?

How will you use this lesson from Habakkuk to enhance your prayer life?

Do you consider yourself a “watchman” or do you think it’s a term just for prophets?

What does “get in position” mean to you?


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