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When Answered Prayers Include Pain

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I don’t want you to be ignorant concerning how God, in His sovereignty, chooses to answer some prayers. Sometimes misunderstanding God’s ways of doing things versus our way, or our assumptions about how He should do things causes us to question His unconditional love for us.  Sadly, many fall away and stop trusting Him altogether.  What am I talking about? Let me explain briefly…

Until recently, I’d never concluded that some prayers that God answers will bring discomfort and emotional pain for a little while.  I say a little while because in answering that prayer He already knew the impact it would have on you and all those involved.  Thankfully, because of His grace and mercy He has covered every aspect of the matter, and perfected everything that concerns you regarding the petition you made to Him.   He is able to do this because He is God…He is the Sovereign Creator!

Remember the Lord Jesus Christ has all authority over heaven and earth (Matthew 28:18). And once you exercise your power of choice by making a prayer request you give Him permission to intervene in your affairs as the Sovereign Lord.  Mind you, He is all-knowing; nothing catches Him by surprise. So every detail is already handled; even the areas or things you may not have considered, or been aware of that would impact your decision to pray.  I know. It’s kinda hard to comprehend it all. That’s why faith in Him is key! And it is your faith in Him that compels you to pray. Right?

Dear believers, what you must also remember is that God’s love for you is greater, deeper, wider and higher than you can really comprehend logically.  Therefore, the temporary discomfort or pain you experience will be succumbed by the comfort and peace that He gives in return to wipe away your tears, calm your fears, and bring you closer to Him in relationship.

So the next time you pray and He answers, but you experience temporary emotional pain and  discomfort, continue to trust Him to make all things work together for good because of your love for Him and HIS purpose for calling you (Romans 8:28).

Learn to say like the Shunammite woman in 2 Kings 4:23-27 said, “It is well!”  This was after her prophetic word (in the person of her promised seed (son) died on her lap.  Although the pain seemed unbearable, the word that she spoke into the atmosphere sustained her through the process—from death to resurrection.

You too can say, “It is well” although the answer to your prayer may or may be manifested, you might have to suffer some pain and discomfort.  Just know in the end faith says, God can and will make it all good!  Keep believing, keep praying! Keep  trusting Him! He’s got you! Do you believe it?






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