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Back to School Prayer

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‪#‎Praying‬ for ALL students, faculty, and staff in schools, colleges, and universities! Praying for their safety, protection and successful academic achievements. Praying against all plots, schemes and demonic attacks! Father, we thank you that warring angels are dispatched to do battle against the powers of darkness! ‪#‎Dismantle‬ diabolic assignments! The Blood of Jesus cover and prevail in the lives of children…the babies who are defenseless, cover them and protect their innocence against pedophiles and molesters. Cancel every evil attempt to steal, kill and destroy what You have purposed for our children’s lives. We pray that students are blessed and not cursed by ill-spoken words that hurt. We pray for students who may be suffering from rejection, low self-esteem and demonic oppression that acts out through a bullying spirit, We pray for their healing and wholeness. We pray that You place students with teachers and aides and personnel that will make a positive impact in their lives.

We pray for the administration and administrators, principals, and school districts…we pray for godly wisdom and genuine concern/care for the students. We pray that any evil or the potential for inappropriate relationships with students be exposed. We declare a blessed and successful school year for your glory! I pray for children and families that have not accepted Jesus Christ as Savior; let your mercy and grace be extended toward them. Save, deliver and set free by the power of Your Holy Spirit! Thank You, Father. It is the name of Jesus that we pray with‪#‎thanksgiving‬. Amen.

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