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Holiday Greetings!

Enlarge My Heart

Available in Paperback & E-book

Available in Paperback & E-book

If you have lived any length of time, you know that there are times when you feel like you are carrying the world on your shoulders.  Your heart is too small to carry the baggage. You feel helpless and heavy in your spirit.  Sometimes it appears that God is taking a sabbatical.  How do you deal with those weighty feelings and ‘over-sized’ emotions?  One of the best ways is praying for the revival (refreshing and renewal) of your soul. You can ask for understanding and strength. Always remember to repent and trust God to grant grace and rest. Be assured that He hears you and will enlarge your heart.

Verses 25-32

25My soul clings to the dust;
Revive me according to Your word.
26 I have declared my ways, and You answered me;
Teach me Your statutes.
27 Make me understand the way of Your precepts;
So shall I meditate on Your wonderful works.
28 My soul melts from heaviness;
Strengthen me according to Your word.

29 Remove from me the way of lying,
And grant me Your law graciously.
30 I have chosen the way of truth;
Your judgments I have laid before me.
31 I cling to Your testimonies;
O Lord, do not put me to shame!
32 I will run the course of Your commandments,
For You shall enlarge my heart.


Heavenly Father,

Hallowed is Your Name.  I am in awe of Your majesty! You are great and worthy of all glory and honor.

I bow before You today in submission to Your will and your way. Again I pray in faith, confidence, and expectation of Your promise to hear me when I call unto You.  I repent of my sins and ask for forgiveness now so that my prayers are not hindered.  Thank You, Father, for being just and faithful to forgive me and cleanse me from all unrighteousness through the precious blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Father, I delight in Your Word.  I need it; I want it! I prostrate myself in Your Presence desperate to hear from You.  When I am laid low, revive me by Your word. Lord God, I talk to You about my plans and you answer me, but teach me Your decrees. It is Your purposes and plans that prevail over mine. Make me understand the way of Your precepts so shall I meditate on Your wonderful works.

Father, the cares of this life often cause me to become weary and my soul melts from heaviness; I ask that You strengthen me according to Your word.  Keep deceitful and lying ways far from me and favor me with Your law.

Lord God, I choose the way of truth. Your judgments I have laid before me to walk therein.  Help me to hold fast to Your testimonies, O LORD, do not put me to shame as I am called by Your Name. I will run in step with Your commandments, realizing it is You who enlarges my heart and broadens my understanding.

Oh! How I praise You! I worship You in spirit and in truth.  You alone are God. Thank You for this privilege and access to Your grace through Jesus Christ, my Redeemer and Lord.

I pray this prayer with thanksgiving. I seal it in the Name of Jesus, the blood and the Holy Spirit.  Amen.


An excerpt from the devotional, 22 Days of Prayers and Meditations: Psalm 119

© 2013 Queen E. Phillips. All rights reserved

Prayer of Thanksgiving

HappyThanksgivingHeavenly Father,

I come to you in the Name of Jesus, my Lord and Savior. I come to you with a heart of thanksgiving. A long list, which cannot be listed in totality. But for starters: I thank you for all the good things in my life, for you are the Creator of all things good, and the giver of every good and perfect gift.  Father, I thank you for your presence; for in your presence is the fullness of joy and in your presence I am complete and whole. In your presence, Father, I have purpose and feel loved.

Thank you!  Lord, thank you for your plan for me to live an abundant life and enjoy it to overflowing through your Son, Jesus Christ. 

Thank you for saving me and empowering me with your Holy Spirit. 

Thank you for your provision, that all my needs are met according to your riches in glory, and that I may prosper in all areas of my life as my soul prospers. 

Father, thank you for my family and friends; my neighbors and my community.

Thank you for a loving church family and a pastor with a heart of love and compassion for people.

Thank you for this country and our freedoms that are often taken for granted.  Father, thank you for Your protection…protecting me and my family, and all those acquainted with me and that I associate with. 

Thank you for Thank you your peace that passes understanding.  The peace that keeps me calm and secure through difficult times and challenging experiences.

Thank you, Father, for your written Word that instructs me and comforts me.  Father, thank you for salvation through faith in Christ.  Father, thank you for my life of victory in you. I am grateful.

Thank you for every person who reads this prayer.  Thank you that they are alive and able to read it.

And above all,  thank you just because you are God, the Creator and deserve all thanks, praise, honor and glory. Thank you for EVERYTHING!



Invitation from the Father

Prayer: The day a Nation was broken

prayer_main-390x250Heavenly Father,

Thank You for the privilege of prayer, that we can come boldly to You in the Name of Your Son Jesus Christ because of His shed blood that gives us access to Your Throne.

Father, You know very well the mixed emotions and remembrances of that day our Nation was broken. Like me, so many watched the terror of darkness that gripped our very souls. In disbelief we witnessed the devastation unfold before our eyes. Now twelve years later many are still carrying the wounds and reliving the agony and pains of that day. For them I pray. I ask that Your healing streams would flow down from Your Throne of grace and bring refreshing, restoration and wholeness to those who are still broken. I pray for those who year after year feel the pain of separation from loved ones and dear friends. I pray that this be the day that Your very Presence is embraced, and  release captives and prisoners from dark dungeons of depression and pits of despair.

I decree and declare, Let there be light to breakthrough the darkness of evil! Let healing spring forth like a mighty refreshing spring. May the tears of many who mourn be turned into joy as they remember the enjoyable memories shared with their loved ones and cry out to You for comfort, peace and healing.

Father, I pray for those who carry the weight and spiritual debilitating affects of unforgiveness, anger, bitterness and hatred; I pray for their emotional healing that can only come from the God of all comfort, and the Great Deliverer.

Father, I thank you for those who turned the tragedy of their painful experience into triumphs. I ask that You continue to bless them and may the revelation of Your grace be bestowed upon the lives of others through their resolve to use their pain for purpose.

I pray that as we remember the day of brokenness that You will reveal Your Power and Presence to heal a Nation and its people. It was that day that we came together to cry out to You for hope and healing. I pray that we, as a people, learn to cry out to You and earnestly declare, “In God We Trust.”prayforournation1

Father, I am convinced that You are able to comfort and give peace. From my personal experience with tragic loss, You strengthened and comforted me, and I know You are well able and willing to do the same for others who hurt and will allow You to minister to their broken and crushed spirit (Psalm 34:18).

Father, as long as we sojourn in this temporary place  we may never fully comprehend the “why” of tragedy and painful experiences, other than the fact that evil is always present; but let us take heart in Your promise to never leave us nor forsake Your people.

We receive the Word of Jesus in John 16:33, “… In the world you have tribulation and trials and distress and frustration; but be of good cheer [take courage; be confident, certain, undaunted]! For I have overcome the world. [I have deprived it of power to harm you and have conquered it for you.] – Amplified

I pray that we are drawn to take courage in Jesus Christ so that we are empowered and equipped to be more than conquerors in all that we will ever face in this earthly life.  This is my prayer in Name of Jesus the Christ, Savior or the world, with thanksgiving. Amen.

Thank you!

Thank you!

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What Prayer Looks Like

prayinghands“Prayer is talking with God.”

“Pray without ceasing.”

“Prayer is the breath of the soul.”

Have you heard any of those statements, perhaps over and over again? Being told you should do something usually doesn’t work. What does prayer actually look like – today?

I get more than a little frustrated with some Christian types who spout off great spiritual sounding phrases at certain moments, and then the rest of the time they act like anything but Christian. A few King James phrases on Sunday morning or a memorized but thoughtless prayer at bedtime is not what it’s about.

The following story was shared by Dennis and Barbara Rainey:

Tommy was a National Guard Reservist called into action during the Gulf War. On the last Sunday before his actual deployment, the church he attended had a special time of prayer, sending him off with their promise of support and encouragement.                        

As you can imagine, the prayers for Tommy’s safety were thick with theology and high-sounding words (as churchy prayers often are): “Sovereign God of the universe, we trust that You will protect this young man on his mission, O Lord, and that You will keep him within the shelter of Your wings.” All very sincere, I’m sure, but quite flowery and unoriginal.

Then a little eight-year-old voice piped up from the back, “Dear Jesus, don’t let Tommy get killed, okay? That’s all. Okay. Amen.”
I think God smiles at the kind of prayers that eight-year-old boy prayed! No big theological discussion here, OK? Just some thoughts on making this thing called prayer work.

Here are five different ways I experience prayer.

  1. “God, Help Me Please!” Who better to turn to when we’re in trouble but God! A child  in trouble, a physical illness, financial pressure, anxiety, fear, loneliness, pain – bring it all to Him. He’s the only One with big enough shoulders to carry it all. Sometimes it’s a momentary desperate cry.  Sometimes it’s a list of needs we carry to Him. Sometimes it’s an      emotional outflow from the overwhelming pain in the soul. It’s all turning      to Him in our need.
  2. Listening for His  Voice. Communication is only communication when it goes both ways.     And that hold true with God as well. Sometimes I just sit quietly, silent in His presence. Sometimes I ask Him to talk to me about something specific, and then I shut up and listen. I’ve learned that the other  voices in my soul must be quiet for His voice to be heard. If my own  emotions are screaming I may have to spill them out to Him first before I  can be calm enough to hear Him in my spirit.
  3. Prayer with others. My husband and I  pray out loud in our home daily. And corporate prayer in the body of  Christ is a big part of why we come together as God’s people. There is      something very powerful when a group of Christians go before God together with a common purpose, inviting Him to make His Kingdom real in their midst, in their church, in their town, in their world.
  4. Prayer for others. I am blessed to pray for others on the radio, and we hear from those who listen that those prayers make a difference. Lifting others up before God – either in our  private prayers or publically – is just an outflow of God’s Spirit working within us. There’s nothing more exhilarating than seeing God act in someone else’s life who you have prayed for!
  5. Taking God into Everyday Life. Sometimes I pray quietly while performing a difficult      medical procedure, or engaging in a difficult conversation, or struggling with a hard decision. The words may be heard and understood by God alone, but it both opens my heart to Him and brings Him directly into my circumstances. I believe that honors Him. Moments of verbal and nonverbal prayer throughout the day keep me in touch with what God is doing around me.

If there has been one single thing that has transformed my prayer life, it was learning to listen. I hope your conversations with God are real, alive, and meaningful. If not, why not give it a try? He’s listening. Are you?

Used by permission from Dr. Carol Peters-Tanksley. All rights reserved.

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Prayer of Affirmation

Prayers of affirmation take biblical truths (scriptures) and affirm (repeat, confirm, declare, acknowledge) them back to God. (Saying to Him what He said to you in His Word). He honors His Word. Prayers of affirmation are also expressions of agreement with God’s Word.

Prayers of affirmation are essential for the believer because faith comes by hearing the Word of God (Romans 10:17).  When you affirm what God’s Word says, you can activate your faith. Not only that, but you renew your mind by affirming God’s word. It will help you embrace the truth, no matter how you feel.  It’s about hearing the Word of God, agreeing with it and recalling it back to God.  Many Scriptures can be declared out loud as affirmations simply by personalizing them and agreeing with them.

Here are a few examples of affirmations taken from the Scriptures:

“I am God’s child for I am born again of the incorruptible seed of the Word of God.” – 1 Peter 1:23

“I am strong in the Lord.” Ephesians 6:10

“I am complete in Christ.” Colossians 2:10

“I am firmly rooted, built up, established in my faith and overflowing with thanksgiving.” Colossians 2:7

“I have a right to come boldly before the throne of grace to find mercy and grace in time of need.” Hebrews 4:16

“I have the peace of God which passes all understanding.” Philippians 4:7

“I have the mind of Christ.” Philippians 2:5, 1 Corinthians 2:16

“I shall overcome because greater is He who is in me than he who is in the world.” -1 John 4:4

“I can do all things in Christ because He strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13

“I have been redeemed, forgiven and I am a recipient of God’s lavish grace.” Ephesians 1:7

“I have been given a spirit of power, love and self-discipline.” 2 Timothy 1:7

Audio Recording: – Holiday Season Prayer of Comfort

Audio Recording: ‘EPISODE30 – Holiday Season Prayer of Comfort’ From ‘Powerful Living Network’.


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Prayer of Intercession

cropped-qpfocused1.jpgThe privilege of prayer, in itself, is really beyond our comprehension— the Creator of the Universe wants to talk to us. However, even more mind-boggling is knowing that He wants us to talk to Him, make request of Him on behalf of other people.  This says that He is concerned about everyone!

Prayer of intercession is simply praying (talking) to God on behalf of someone else, or something life event.  Although intercession is also petition, what distinguishes it from personal petition is that of approaching God on behalf of others.  The other person you pray for may be known or unknown.

Prayer of intercession is most effective through the intercessory work of the Holy Spirit.  We can pray for others based on our knowledge of their needs at any given time.  However, there are times when our knowledge is limited; and we don’t the person, or anything concerning their circumstances, and the Holy Spirit brings them to our mind, or gives us an unction to pray for them.

Many individuals have been called to ministry of intercession (another topic).  God has given them the responsibility of seeking Him and crying out (praying) to Him on behalf of others, even nations.  They are called “intercessors.”  While all believers should be intercessors to some degree, some persons are chosen specifically for the purpose of praying intensely and fervently for others, so that God’s will to be done on earth as it is heaven, and for His purposes to prevail.

A word of encouragement:  Your consistency and faithfulness to prayer, seeking God and His plan/purpose  for your life can “stir up” the gift, cultivate and bring forth the call to intercession, which has been in you all the time. You will sense the call, and know this if you’re constantly being “wooed” to pray…if there is always a desire to pray for others; or if the Holy Spirit always places people on your heart to pray for.  I encourage you to remain faithful to the “call to pray.”  Although, intercession may not be a glamorous, out-front area of ministry, it is one of the most humbling experiences and responsibilities to be entrusted with in the Kingdom of God.

A common example of intercession is apostle Paul. Intercession was Paul’s trademark evident throughout his letters recorded in the New Testament. Below are just a few things we should pray for on behalf of other

  • Physical, psychological, and spiritual needs of other believers; those we know personally, and those we don’t know or may never meet (Ephesians 1:15-19; 3:14-19; Philippians 1:4, 9-11
  • Salvation of unbelievers; that they would accept Jesus as Lord over their life; and that laborers to be sent forth into the harvest (Matthew 9:38)
  • Open doors to witness; boldness and courage to make known the mystery of the gospel (Eph. 6:18-19)
  • Clarity in the communication of the gospel (Colossians 4:3-4)
  • Government, leaders and all in authority (1 Timothy 2:1-2)

Our greatest example of a prayer of intercession is recorded in John 17th chapter. We find that Jesus prayed for Himself and others—His disciples then and for all that would believe afterward, which includes you and me.  Please read John 17:20-23.  Note that Jesus’ prayer for all believers is that we be one (united)! And guess what? I believe that Jesus’ prayer of intercession to the Father  is already answered, and it will be manifested among the body of Christ.

Prayer of Petition

Prayer of petition is also referred to as supplication.  These are requests that include our personal needs and the needs of others (intercession, which we’ll discuss in another post).  In our petitions, we ask God for whatever needs that concern us; e.g., physical (natural), psychological, spiritual, emotional.  Some scriptures that support this element of prayer are: 2 Corinthians 12:7-10; Philippians 4:6-7; 1 Samuel 1:27.  (There are more; feel free to research yourself).

Also, in Jesus’ model prayer recorded in Luke 11:1-4; Matthew 6:9-13 is this element of prayer—petition (supplication, requests)… “Give us day by day our daily bread… forgive us our sins…do not lead us into temptation…”

These are petitions (requests) made to Father God.  Prayer of petition should be intentional on our part for the purpose of appropriating God’s gifts and resources in order for us to fulfill His purposes by working in and through us.  If our motives for asking are wrong, we won’t receive. This is essence what James meant when he said (paraphrasing) we ask and don’t receive because we ask “amiss” (improperly, wrongly), namely for selfish reasons (James 4:2-3).   

Petition is a privileged element of prayer; therefore, we must be mindful that what we’re requesting (asking) God for is in accordance with His will and purpose.  One important note to remember is that He knows what we need of even before we ask (Matthew 6:8).  Ultimately, the prayer of petition is a privilege that comes with being in relationship with a loving and caring Father.

Below is a sample Prayer of Petition:

Heavenly Father,

Thank you for the privilege of coming boldly to Your throne of grace in the Name of Jesus, my Savior and Lord. According to Your Word I am making my requests known to You knowing that You already know what I need.

Father, I ask that You renew my strength so that I can wait patiently upon You. I ask that my ears and eyes are opened  that I might see,  hear, know and understand Your Word so that I can walk in obedience to Your commands, and share with others.  I ask You to make me alert, awake and attentive in Your thoughts and ways, so that I’m not easily deceived by the enemy. I ask that you help me to be disciplined and a good steward over all that You’ve entrusted to me for my consumption, to bless others and  Kingdom purpose. Above all, Father, I ask that my family (name them) would receive Your Son, Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord; that they completely surrender their lives to Him in full assurance of the atoning blood that He shed on the cross. Thank you, Father, for the privilege of prayer.  I pray with thanksgiving, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.


  • Even in prayers of petition, you should spend time repenting, thanking, praising and worshiping Father before you start asking for anything.  This is important to gain access into His Presence (Holy of Holies)  and enter into His courts; it positions you in the spiritual realm and gives you clarity in hearing the Holy Spirit give you what to pray for; yes, even your needs.  This way, what you ask for will be aligned with His will.
  •  We have the privilege of asking; however, God’s sovereignty gives Him the right to grant or deny our petition based solely on His will, His plan…His purpose (2 Cor. 12:7-10).

When Answered Prayers Include Pain

I don’t want you to be ignorant concerning how God, in His sovereignty, chooses to answer some prayers. Sometimes misunderstanding God’s ways of doing things versus our way, or our assumptions about how He should do things causes us to question His unconditional love for us.  Sadly, many fall away and stop trusting Him altogether.  What am I talking about? Let me explain briefly…

Until recently, I’d never concluded that some prayers that God answers will bring discomfort and emotional pain for a little while.  I say a little while because in answering that prayer He already knew the impact it would have on you and all those involved.  Thankfully, because of His grace and mercy He has covered every aspect of the matter, and perfected everything that concerns you regarding the petition you made to Him.   He is able to do this because He is God…He is the Sovereign Creator!

Remember the Lord Jesus Christ has all authority over heaven and earth (Matthew 28:18). And once you exercise your power of choice by making a prayer request you give Him permission to intervene in your affairs as the Sovereign Lord.  Mind you, He is all-knowing; nothing catches Him by surprise. So every detail is already handled; even the areas or things you may not have considered, or been aware of that would impact your decision to pray.  I know. It’s kinda hard to comprehend it all. That’s why faith in Him is key! And it is your faith in Him that compels you to pray. Right?

Dear believers, what you must also remember is that God’s love for you is greater, deeper, wider and higher than you can really comprehend logically.  Therefore, the temporary discomfort or pain you experience will be succumbed by the comfort and peace that He gives in return to wipe away your tears, calm your fears, and bring you closer to Him in relationship.

So the next time you pray and He answers, but you experience temporary emotional pain and  discomfort, continue to trust Him to make all things work together for good because of your love for Him and HIS purpose for calling you (Romans 8:28).

Learn to say like the Shunammite woman in 2 Kings 4:23-27 said, “It is well!”  This was after her prophetic word (in the person of her promised seed (son) died on her lap.  Although the pain seemed unbearable, the word that she spoke into the atmosphere sustained her through the process—from death to resurrection.

You too can say, “It is well” although the answer to your prayer may or may be manifested, you might have to suffer some pain and discomfort.  Just know in the end faith says, God can and will make it all good!  Keep believing, keep praying! Keep  trusting Him! He’s got you! Do you believe it?





Prayer of Confession

I acknowledged my sin to You,
And my iniquity I have not hidden.
I said, “I will confess my transgressions to the LORD,”
And You forgave the iniquity of my sin.” —Psalm 32:5

If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness (1 John 1:9)

I am so thankful that Father God is kind and forgiving. After all, it was kindness and unconditional love for us that He made Jesus Christ, who had no sin be sin for us so that in Him we might become the righteousness of God (2 Corinthians 5:21). And He continues to forgive all who will acknowledge/confess their sin to Him now.

Confession is an essential form of prayer (communication with God); it is also a serious aspect of the Christian lifestyle. When we acknowledge or confess (admit) our sins, ask for forgiveness and repent, God is faithful and just to forgive us, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness (1 John 1:9). 

In order to confess/acknowledge our sins, we should be sensitive to the work of the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit convicts us of our wrongdoing; He shows us the sin in our life so that we deal with it. If we don’t confess our sins, receive God’s forgiveness and cleansing power, we will continue to commit sinful acts.  If we continue in sin, we cannot continue walking in the light and enjoying relationship with Christ. Sin can be compared to an infection that if goes untreated will spread and result in death.  Spiritually speaking, if we don’t confess our sins to the Lord and allow Him to cleanse us, we risk being disconnected from Him and dying spiritually.

We should prayerfully examine our lives frequently, daily if necessary, to make sure we don’t allow sin to fester in our lives.  I might also note that sins of the heart (jealousy, envy, covetousness) are sometimes easier to overlook than sinful acts such as fornication, adultery, theft, murder.  Sin cannot be classified or categorized as “small”  and “big”.  We must confess all sin.

Also, use Scriptures when confessing your sins to God.  Here is an example of a prayer of confession:

Heavenly Father,

I come to you in the Name of Jesus Christ, my Savior and Lord.  I ask You to have mercy upon me, Father, according to your loving kindness. Wash me and I shall be clean; purify my heart, cleanse me from all unrighteousness as you said in your word according to 1 John 1:9.  Lord, I confess I sinned against you; I acknowledge my disobedience.  I ask that you forgive me for grumbling and complaining and not walking in faith.  I know that without faith it is impossible to please you.  My desire is to please you, Father. Help me control my anger and have the right attitude that reflects your character. I am sorry;I turn away from my sin toward you in all honesty. Create a clean heart in me and renew my spirit to remain loyal to you.  Thank you, Father for forgiving me and cleansing me.  In Jesus’ Name with thanksgiving. Amen.


I recommend that after you pray, remain in silence to listen for Him to speak to your spirit concerning your confession and request for forgiveness.  Make sure you confess all known or revealed sin; you may want to be specific about your sin (in your private prayer time, of course).  After you’ve finished praying,  He may give you Scriptures, or speak in a still small whisper to assure and comfort you.  However, if He does not speak immediately after your prayer,  let your faith and the Word give you the assurance that your prayer was heard, and you are forgiven, if you prayed earnestly in faith. 

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