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Prayer for the Longing Soul

“For he satisfies the longing soul…” 

It is easy to be identified as having a longing soul especially during times of grief, the holiday season and other events that can cause frustration and unfulfilled needs. This can become an entrapment that makes life seem unbearable.  Usually the longing soul focuses on self-gratifying things, things of a temporal nature, compatible companionship and camaraderie, which cannot bring long-lasting satisfaction to a longing soul. Signs of a “longing” soul are running about, rushing and running to and fro, eager or greedy, thirsty, and yearning for more. The search for fulfillment is usually in temporal things that depreciate in value, or running to that individual you hope will satisfy the need you have to feel loved and secure.  Unfortunately, none of these will satisfy the longing soul.  The depth of the longing soul is beyond our comprehension and certainly greater than what we perceive as our greatest need. God never meant for another human being to take His place; to satisfy that part of us designed for Him.

The longing soul can only be satisfied by the One who created it, breathed life into it–the Giver and Sustainer of life.  Truth is we can experience temporary and short-term satisfaction, but only God can give complete, long lasting, eternal satisfaction.

Sometimes we think we know what we are longing for, but more than likely, we really do not know.  All we know is that   something is missing–there is a deep void within, an emptiness that screams to be filled like a hungry infant at feeding time. Let me assure you that God knows what you’re longing for even if you do not.  After all, He created you and He knows all things about you. He wants to fill your soul with Himself through the “life-giving” Spirit. Let us pray!

Prayer for the Longing Soul:

Father, You are Creator of the Universe, which is beyond our comprehension; yet You are so concerned about all mankind that you have a plan to implant Yourself in us that we can live eternally. This too is beyond our comprehension; so it is by faith that we accept Your plan.  Father, I pray for those who are searching, running to and fro, thirsty for fulfillment that only comes from You.  Your word in Psalm 107:9 declares that You satisfies the longing soul.  Father, I pray for those who are unfulfilled, looking to people and temporal things to satisfy and meet a need that You want to meet.  I pray for those who are desperate for companionship, and overwhelmed by life’s challenges. Lord, I pray that they invite you into their heart so that You can satisfy their thirsty soul. Only through an intimate relationship with You can we enjoy the abundant life that comes through faith in Your Son, Jesus Christ.

Father, our faith is in You; You are faithful to keep Your Word. Thank You, Father, for satisfying the longing (thirsty); in Jesus’ Name we pray. Amen. 


Prayer of Petition

Prayer of petition is also referred to as supplication.  These are requests that include our personal needs and the needs of others (intercession, which we’ll discuss in another post).  In our petitions, we ask God for whatever needs that concern us; e.g., physical (natural), psychological, spiritual, emotional.  Some scriptures that support this element of prayer are: 2 Corinthians 12:7-10; Philippians 4:6-7; 1 Samuel 1:27.  (There are more; feel free to research yourself).

Also, in Jesus’ model prayer recorded in Luke 11:1-4; Matthew 6:9-13 is this element of prayer—petition (supplication, requests)… “Give us day by day our daily bread… forgive us our sins…do not lead us into temptation…”

These are petitions (requests) made to Father God.  Prayer of petition should be intentional on our part for the purpose of appropriating God’s gifts and resources in order for us to fulfill His purposes by working in and through us.  If our motives for asking are wrong, we won’t receive. This is essence what James meant when he said (paraphrasing) we ask and don’t receive because we ask “amiss” (improperly, wrongly), namely for selfish reasons (James 4:2-3).   

Petition is a privileged element of prayer; therefore, we must be mindful that what we’re requesting (asking) God for is in accordance with His will and purpose.  One important note to remember is that He knows what we need of even before we ask (Matthew 6:8).  Ultimately, the prayer of petition is a privilege that comes with being in relationship with a loving and caring Father.

Below is a sample Prayer of Petition:

Heavenly Father,

Thank you for the privilege of coming boldly to Your throne of grace in the Name of Jesus, my Savior and Lord. According to Your Word I am making my requests known to You knowing that You already know what I need.

Father, I ask that You renew my strength so that I can wait patiently upon You. I ask that my ears and eyes are opened  that I might see,  hear, know and understand Your Word so that I can walk in obedience to Your commands, and share with others.  I ask You to make me alert, awake and attentive in Your thoughts and ways, so that I’m not easily deceived by the enemy. I ask that you help me to be disciplined and a good steward over all that You’ve entrusted to me for my consumption, to bless others and  Kingdom purpose. Above all, Father, I ask that my family (name them) would receive Your Son, Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord; that they completely surrender their lives to Him in full assurance of the atoning blood that He shed on the cross. Thank you, Father, for the privilege of prayer.  I pray with thanksgiving, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.


  • Even in prayers of petition, you should spend time repenting, thanking, praising and worshiping Father before you start asking for anything.  This is important to gain access into His Presence (Holy of Holies)  and enter into His courts; it positions you in the spiritual realm and gives you clarity in hearing the Holy Spirit give you what to pray for; yes, even your needs.  This way, what you ask for will be aligned with His will.
  •  We have the privilege of asking; however, God’s sovereignty gives Him the right to grant or deny our petition based solely on His will, His plan…His purpose (2 Cor. 12:7-10).
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