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A.S.K. (Ask, Seek, Knock)


Guiding Principle #3

Ask Questions, Seek Knowledge, Knock to Gain Access

Scripture references: Matthew 7:7-8, 21:22; Luke 11:9-10.

Ask questions, seek knowledge, and knock to gain access. A.S.K. is a principle that can be applied in every aspect of life if one is determined to learn, accomplish, or achieve anything worthwhile in life. However, the prayer coach’s focus is specifically on gaining knowledge through prayer (talking with the all-knowing God).  Whatever you desire or need, Jesus makes it clear, “Ask” (petition, make your request known).  Embedded within this A.S.K. principle is the principle of “persistence” (see the principle).

Oftentimes our impatience derails our progress as a Christian (ref.  James 1:4). So Jesus says, emphatically, to ask and keep on asking because everyone who asks receives. He also gave an illustration to teach us more about the “ask, seek, and knock” principle of prayer, (Read this parable, The Friends at Midnight); this practical illustration is designed to give clarity to this truth principle about prayer. 

Remember prayer is talking to (communication with God)?  And you talk to Him because you are in relationship; and you want to know Him intimately; you want to be a friend of God.  Getting to know Him is like being in training. It requires asking questions, petitioning Him, and making your requests known.  You can ask Him about anything; there are no dumb questions, or no needs He cannot supply.  You must ask and keep on asking to receive.  Again, Jesus emphasizes persistence. What do you want to know about God? What do you need from Him? What are His standards and commands?

Jesus also says, “Seek, and you will find.”  Find what? Whatever you are looking (searching) for.  Prayer is your opportunity to seek knowledge and understanding of the Scriptures.  Use your prayer and Bible study time to search for deeper meaning and spiritual insight concerning the things of God. The term seek implies “added effort.”  Seeking or searching requires expending extra effort, time and resources necessary to find what you’re looking for.  Whether you seek or not is determined by how bad do you want what you searching for. One of the most important aspects of your Christian walk is to find out what God expects from you.  Be willing to spend the extra time with Him, and you will find so many benefits and treasures that will help you live a victorious life in Christ. Are you willing to spend the extra effort and time to wait until He answers your prayer request? Are you willing to spend time with Him searching for answers to life’s challenges based on His standards?  Will you seek Him and His way of doing things wholeheartedly in order to have an intimate relationship with Him?  

Finally, Jesus says, “Knock and keep on knocking, and the door will be opened.”  Knocking implies there is resistance or inaccessibility. For example, the friend’s closed door in Jesus’ parable. Again, this is in correlation to the principle of persistence.  You must be persistent in prayer even if it appears you’re not getting through. To knock and keep on knocking also implies that there is a continuous sound that gets the attention of God.  Has anyone knocked on your door and before you could answer the door they were knocking again.  Sometimes the continuous”knocking sound” motivated you to answer the door a little faster. Our “knocking sound” should be that of praise and expressions of thanksgiving in prayer. To keep knocking is to keep believing and expecting Him to answer.  Although it may appear your access to the throne room is being ignored, keep pounding, keeping tapping in faith, and the door will be opened (you will gain access into the heavenly realm to receive what you need, and your request from the Father.

NOTE**** This particuar principle is the formula for gaining wisdom and knowledge. Life can be complex and perplexing; however, if you stay connected to God through prayer and His Word, using the A.S.K. principle, He will give you wisdom and knowledge to master life, and live the abundant life Christ came to give everyone who will receive Him.

This principle carries promise: Ask and you will receive. Seek and you will find. Knock and the door will be opened to you. (See Promises)


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