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Yield to Holy Spirit


Guiding Principle #4

Yield your mind, body and soul (spirit) to the Holy Spirit’s control

Although we are God’s most intellectual human species, when it comes to the supernatural and invisible realm governed by the Creator, we are finite, limited in our comprehension of the invisible God, who is Spirit.  Yet, He provided a way for us to connect with Him and commune with Him, spirit to Spirit.  As spiritual beings we can tap into the spiritual realm (the invisible realm).  Actually, after our born-again experience it is our spirit man who should dominate so that we’re constantly in communion with God.  Knowing this, it becomes our responsibility to pursue God through prayer. 

Staying connected to Him requires that we yield our intellectual reasoning abilities, our physical body and our soul (spirit) to the Holy Spirit’s (God in us) control, otherwise our sinful nature, its carnal mind will control.   Our behavior is ungodly if our sinful nature or carnal mind is in control.   It is within our power to choose to submit to the Spirit of God.  He (Holy Spirit) will always agree with God’s will as revealed in His written Word (Holy Bible).

It is a consistent prayer life that enables you to stay connected, and your spirit to be synchronized with the Spirit of God (Holy Spirit) within.  By yielding your mind to the Holy Spirit, you think pure thoughts. By yielding your mind to Holy Spirit your prayers are in agreement with God’s will.  In Romans 8:1-17, Paul explains in detail life through the Spirit; life through the Spirit is nurtured and developed in prayer—communion with God.  This may sound deep and mystical, but it is not.  Apostle Paul exhorts us, “…present your bodies as a living sacrifice holy and acceptable to God…be not conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”  In essence, yielding your mind, body and soul (spirit) to Holy Spirit’s control changes your character—you become God-conscious; seeing and thinking from God’s perspective.  You are empowered to live a lifestyle of holiness as He has commanded.  By the power of the Holy Spirit this is made possible through a constant and consistent life of prayer.  When you pray, you always want what God wants because you yield your mind, body and spirit (soul) to Him.


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